Zepp Toyko – My Evening With Rain: Round Three


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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I changed it up a bit this night and decided to stay back about 5 rows from the front – just to get a feel for a different view. Admittedly, I did not like it as much – closer is better when it comes to Rain! ^.^

Zepp T Superdog

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My ticket number for the third show was 111. Not bad. Well, not bad unless you have a disgruntled Cloud with a grudge and a higher number!  Yes, it was bound to happen. First, she kept nudging me to the side to get a better footing in front of me and then she just plowed me out of the way once we started to move toward the entrance, regardless of whether her number was called before or after mine!! This was the only time in 4 shows I experienced that issue. And frankly, I don’t think Rain would have approved of that behavior….heehehehee! Oh and let me be very clear, this was not a Japanese Cloud – the Japanese Clouds – every last one of them that I either met or had the pleasure of enjoying each show with, were polite, gracious, welcoming and were wonderful to be with while I experienced my first Rain concerts. To ALL of my Japanese Cloud sisters, you are each invited to stay at my home whenever you find yourselves in Chicago whether it is for Rain or just because!! Cloud Thailand, too! In fact, world Clouds, just come to Chicago – you are all invited – including the naughty Cloud (I forgive you…well, sort of)!! 🙂

Now, where was I? Oh yes…..the third show. Wooooooheee! The third show. First, I will say that Rain favored the right side of the stage during this show. So I saw less of him as I opted to stay a little left of center again. It didn’t matter, because wherever you were in the venue, you got a lot of Rain, no matter what!

By the third show Rain proved that no matter how many times he opened each one of these Zepp shows, Rainism would set the tone for the entire evening. Rainism live is something I cannot even begin to describe adequately. It is raw, intense and Rain dances hard to this song….really hard. He attacks this song and its choreography with all his might. Rain is tall. And he is slender, but by no means scrawny. He is lean and muscular. Still, it amazes me how he moves with such ease, such fluidity and with such speed. And he does this in addition to singing, live with no studio enhancements, no auto-tune or any other manufactured sound. And the man never sounded like he was out of breath! I have to give him further props as he usually performs using a mic headset which allows him complete freedom with his arms. But at Zepp Tokyo, he used a handheld microphone. It did not hinder him or his movements in the least bit.

In fact, there were moments during the ballads where the visual of him holding the microphone and singing into it with such intensity and emotion was all that much more powerful for me. And my goodness, when he put that mic on the stand and gently stroked the stand as he sang……….sigh.

알면서 for the third night was every bit as emotional as it was the previous two nights. How I wish I could have video-ed it. Here it is from the Best Show performance in Jeju back in 2011 just prior to him entering the military. It is such a gentle beautiful song that he sings (and sang for us in Tokyo) in such a gentle, beautiful manner. In Tokyo, when he did any runs or held notes, he did so with such conviction and deep emotion. I do not believe Rain knows how to hold back when it comes to expressing himself in song. You can feel it when you watch videos or listen to the recorded version – but I am going to tell you right now that there is nothing quite like seeing it live….feeling it live. It is beyond description.

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By show #3 in Tokyo, it was his 9th performance on the tour and his voice showed no sign of wear – it was as powerful as if he was stepping out on the stage for the very first show of the entire tour. I don’t know how he does it.

Hip Song once again came at us like a ton of bricks and was once again changed up. And, it was this version I liked the best. OMG! So you will recall that in show #1, we had the glorious back view during the hip grind. In show #2, he gave us the traditional grind. Well, in show #3 he gave us quite the grind. I am actually kind of glad I was not in the first or second row for this particular grind!! Oh, and Rain was ALWAYS front and center during that part of the song so no one particular side of the audience was privy to the grind. We ALL had to drink it in together and it was crazy hot in show #3.

Picture this, if you will. He stood up completely, grinded his hips, paused, and then popped his hips forward at us. He held his arms out and did not cover his face. OH.DEAR.LORD. I think I heard simultaneous ovary explosions with each hip pop. I will always remember this version of Hip Song and hope that I can witness that particular version again in the future!!! ^.~

I also recall in show #3 that he had a difficult time keeping his tongue in his mouth!!! His tongue really came out to play in this show. When he was talking during one of the breaks between songs, he was commenting about having a cold and also a sore throat and he proceeded to flick his tongue in and out, wagged it around, flapped it a few times. Frankly, I do not know how all the noonas and ahjummas in the audience did not pass out or remain clothed, for that matter!!! LOL! Rain is one sexy man, y’all. And he knows how to fully capitalize on that sex appeal. He takes it to another level and shows no mercy!

DSC00234 DSC00233

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Those pictures are from one or both of the Osaka shows. I can assure you, we in Tokyo got way more tongue!! LOL!!! (Seriously, how bad did that sound??!)

Rain is very playful on stage and very, very engaging. He likes to see audience reaction, frequently asked us to make some noise, would want us to wave our arms during songs and he would always encourage us to sing – especially on songs like I Do and Instead of Saying Goodbye.

The Encore – 3rd Show

Oh did Mr. Rain and his crew have some fun during this encore. First, it started the same. Rain and the crew all behind that center stage door. It opens as the song starts and everyone is huddled together, heads down, bopping to the beat. Rain was the always the first one out (natch!). This time he ambles out and I don’t know who the culprit was who pushed the button, but no one followed and the door closed. Rain moved forward expecting his crew to follow – but they weren’t there!!!! When he realizes it, he looks back and gets the biggest grin on his face as he shakes his head in disbelief that the crew punked him!!! It was within seconds that the joke was up and when they re-opened the door they all stepped out cracking up giving Rain a good laugh as well!!

I cannot remember in which order this all happened now – because I know he gave us a little Mariah this night as well – BUT, the highlight was Rain completely getting his hip hop on to Lil Kim & 50 Cents’ Magic Stick. It was completely OFF THE CHAIN!!! I knew my fellow Cloud USA-er Tammy Harriel was probably out of her mind during this part of the show because she absolutely LOVES when Rain gets his pop n’ lock going!!! This is a performance way back from 2004 – but in 2013, Rain still had ALL of these moves and a whole lot more! The following is an entire performance in three parts. Rain is in parts 1 and 3 – and it’s all kinds of hot! (Plus, MC Mong is an awesome rapper!)

[Video credit: nickii98]

At the end of the third show I had to wonder…what else could he possibly have up his sleeve for the final show. I can assure you this, he came at us with yet another version of his hip grind in Hip Song. ^.^

Round Four (the final round)…..coming next!


  1. kfangurl says:

    Hee. I’m surprised you didn’t pass out at The Hip Grind and managed to stay conscious for the entire show! XD

    Your wonderful fangirling always makes me giggle, Michele. Smooches ❤

    • Michele says:

      I know at one point I turned to my fellow Clouds – all J Clouds and said “I think I’m pregnant” and they ALL understood that!!! You have no idea how provocative and sexy that man is and he was inches in front of me for 3 out of the 4 shows. I, too, have no idea how I am still reasonably functioning!!!!

      My incessant fangirling is cause for intervention at this point, I think!! Thank you for stopping by!! I need to get back to normal (if possible) and we have to decide on that drama we are going to co-watch!!! <3

      By the way, I blame you for all of this. You could have told me to pass on A Love To Kill and none of this would have ever happened…LOL!!!! In reality tho, I thank you from the bottom of fangirl heart! <3

      • kfangurl says:

        Oh dear. I guess this IS all my fault..!! XD But hey, now CloudUSA can thank me for giving them a staff writer? ;D I kid. You probably would’ve found your way to Rain regardless.. Of THAT I’m pretty sure!

        And YES! We need to get our Skype squee going!! I’m traveling half the week next week, and then I’m good for our first Skype squee! You need to pick the drama and get back to somewhat normal by then. I know post-fangirl adventure normalcy is a big ask.. so if you need more time, just lemme know! ^.~

        Also, what did I tell ya, about prolonged Rain exposure? Be very careful missy, coz you just never know ;D


  2. tonicny says:

    Hi Michele, Thank You for mentioning so many details of each concert, you truly are a gifted writer. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him during all the concerts I was at. I believe your Round 2 and it was my last concert that Rain punked one of his dancers and shut that same door and dancer was left all by himself on stage sounds like this was a pay back. LOL! They do have so much fun on stage and off stage. Loved how he added something new to each performance. While I was heading to the airport on this day all I could think about was to miss the flight turn around and stay for this concert too. Can’t wait to read about Round 4 sounds like you are on Cloud 9.

    • Michele says:

      Ahhhhhhh…I remember Yong Deock being left on stage when everyone was back behind the door but I could not remember which show!!! I guess then YD was the culprit who talked the rest of the gang into closing the door and leaving Rain on the stage all by his lonesome. The look (and smile) on Rain’s face was priceless when he turned and saw the door closed and no dancers on the floor.

      I cannot wait to write up Round 4 because there were some wild antics that night including a second encore which did not have any singing but a lot of fun!

      I kept my eyes pretty much glued to Mr, Rain, but did try to drink it all in – I am happy I did because I got a nice smile and wave from Q Sang as a result. Of course nothing is as beautiful as locking eyes with Rain and getting a smile and wave from him. That is embedded into my heart for forever!!

  3. lotusrain says:

    Hi Michele, we live so close to each other I hope to meet you one day, (three hours). You seem to be a very sweet and kind person and drama free which I love. Not sure if you know this but I’m BlackLotusRain on twitter and LotusRain / Lotus, everywhere else. My real name is Julie which I hate but everyone just calls me Jules. Very proud to call you a sister cloud😘 Thank you for sharing all your wonderfully cool adventures. And your Rain escapades💞 Jihoon is an awesome guy and I know he appreciates clouds like you who go through so much to meet him and share with the rest of us. Muah chingu…

    • Michele says:

      Hey Jules….three hours, really?? Well when are we going to have our own cloud burst then?? ^^ Thank you so much for the very kind comments. I have been overwhelmed by Rain to be sure – my life seems like it is in overdrive because of him!! LOL! It’s great, actually and I am enjoying it!

      Yes, we follow each other on Twitter!!! I did not realize you lived so close! Even though I am sure they are out there, I am haven’t met any Clouds in my area so it is wonderful to hear that there is a Cloud sis in my own backyard….well, a 3 hour journey to the backyard! Which way are you three hours from Chicago?

      Thank you for stopping by the blog – I have to settle down now and work on my next K-Shot who I think YOU will probably appreciate…heehehehe!! I also have to get back to work on my Rain CF series I have been writing for Cloud USA. I took quite a detour going to Tokyo – and in addition to playing catch up with all of that….I need to get back on Chicago time! Aieeesh, I am dragging right now!

      Let’s try to figure out a way to meet since we are relatively close. I love a roadttrip!

      Oh and as far as Rain appreciating my fangirling, I sure hope he thinks I within the normal range!! If he wasn’t leaving to head back to Seoul on the 6th, I may have tried to get to Mobile somehow to see him filming!! I do have to be in New Orleans the day after Christmas and into January so maybe…..just maybe he will have to return and they will do some filming there! Then, it’s Operation Seoulman in the Big Easy!! LOL!!!

      Thanks again, Jules!! <3

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