Toyko Time – Four Clouds in Sendai


Just a quick post before the Rain begins to fall! Today, Cloud USA-ers Toni Cammarota, Tammy Harriel and I met with Japan Clouds, Naoko Yamanaka and Michiko Ikeda at Michiko’s beautiful home in Sendai for some food, some laughs and some majah drool-over-Michiko’s Rain collection.  This collection is SERIOUS!

Michiko has a gorgeous home and she welcomed us so warmly.  Here I am with my two beautiful Japanese Cloud sisters.


Yes….Rain had to join us.

Then there was the collection – and trust me, there was so much….I couldn’t possibly capture it all and do it justice.








And…the piece d’ resistance… about this.  Rain’s suit from the Lotte Duty Free endorsement any one?  You know….this one right here:


Michiko actually won THIS in a lottery and YES,  we all touched it. I even caught Naoko taking a quick sniff of it.


(Note the Rain calendar and Cloud USA mug (REPRESENT!) in the background there.)


Michiko has an enormous collection and we only scratched the surface of it. The beauty of our wonderful Japanese Clouds is their incredible warmth, generosity and kindness. You should see what Michiko sent us home with. She shared her overflow with us and we all left pretty much in Rain heaven.

I was even taking pictures of the insides of books, magazines, CD cases…you name it. It was a cornucopia of Rain. It was truly wonderful and I cannot thank Michiko enough for sharing it with us. And, Rain was in every room. His presence is everywhere. We LOVED it!








Michiko fed us wonderful traditional Japanese food……delish!!



And the best green tea and dessert. Vegan-friendly too! (She is so thoughtful and took care to remember that I was a veg-head.) LOVE!


Naoko even gave Toni the quick 411 on using chopsticks!


Sendai is a beautiful city replete with autumn colors right now. Michiko took us to the grounds of where a castle used to stand. The grounds, the vistas and entertainment were wonderful.








Just beautiful.  Oh…and speaking of beautiful…


No…it’s not the end. (ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!!) All I have to say is this. It’s about to get real in Tokyo and it all starts tomorrow night!! More to come…..

(If I survive the first show, anyway!)

[Image credit: Rain memorabilia compliments of Michiko Ikeda]


  1. missienelly says:

    OMG Michi chan!!! You touched the man’s suit!!! Holy smack me in the face! Michiko-chan is so generous, you’re so lucky to see all her collections in person!

    Please do not faint tomorrow night! I need you to be my eyes and ears! Have tons of fun!

    • Michele says:

      Her collection was serious business, let me tell you. When we thought we saw the last of it, she pulled out even more! We all had so much fun. It sure was a nice primer for what came next!!! There is nothing quite as exciting as seeing Rain dance Rainism a couple feet in front if you. I am lucky I survived!!!!!

  2. Cloud USA says:

    Oh, ladies. I’m just completely overwhelmed to see all of you together in Japan. What a special moment. ♥

    Wish we all could be there with you. Hugs to you all.

    Terri :-}

    • Michele says:

      I am no longer on this earth. Not after last night…..had a Rain moment during the show and I can only hope I get a repeat tonight and tomorrow!!!! Love him to bits!! He is 10000000x more handsome than you could even imagine in person. Goner. I am a goner.

      • kfangurl says:

        Giggle. You are SO CUTE, Michele!! 😀 I hope you do get a repeat – and I can’t wait to hear ALLLL about it, after!! 😀


      • Michele says:

        Had my second moment on the final show……………must write! MUST WRITE!! Tokyo is wild AND I even got a taste of a Tokyo earthquake last night. Good times. Heading home to the states tomorrow. Don’t want to leave and would prefer to come to Sing and just hang out with you until New Year’s Eve as you know he is coming back there, right?? First order of business when I get home, play the lottery. 🙂 Oh…went to K-Town here in Tokyo today. Yep, did some Raindamage. 🙂

    • Michele says:

      Jess…it was the most precious of precious times and made even better by Rain. I won’t soon forget this trip. Not for a long, long while! We MUST get him to Hawaii (and soon)! Cloud 9 – fan meet Hawaii! It would be so perfect!

      • Janice Classen says:

        Wow and Wow. The photos are fabulous. Cannot wait to hear all about this major trip. Janice Classen

      • Michele says:

        Hi Janice!! Oh…..Rain was amazing, this is TRUTH! I haven’t had a lot of time to explore Japan because this trip was ALL about Rain! I will have to come back and really check it out when Rain is not here so I don’t get sidetracked!!

  3. Cloud USA says:

    Hey, this is Stephe. And I am giggling like a school girl after reading this post and seeing you, Tammy, and Maria with Naoko and Michiko. Oh emm gee, how awesome!

    Thanks so much for sharing all of this. It does my heart soooo good. 🙂

    Stephe ^@@^

  4. Cloud USA says:

    Reblogged this on Cloud USA and commented:
    Staff writer Michele, YouTube moderator Naoko (harudoful), and CloudUSAers Tammy and Maria, and lovely Japanese Cloud Michiko all brought together in Japan because of one man — Rain. Just like the rain that falls from the sky, he helps the roots of relationships grown and anchor firmly in the soil, and brings Clouds together even in bright sunlight. Sometimes the smallest things are the catalyst to making the world a better place. — Stephe ^@@^

  5. Cloud Imanf @ fb says:

    You’ll survive & We’ll be waiting.
    Am happy you had a great time & you guys met. Love you guys!
    Made me Happy one more time!

    • Michele says:

      Finally able to sit down and actually process it all. Sitting here in a Starbucks in Shinagawa and hope that my writing muscles flex enough for me to at least get a post of the first show up!!! I am trying – but Rain has rendered me pretty useless. 🙂

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