The Forecast for Tokyo is Rain


Wow, wow and WOW again! In one week from today, I will be heading to Tokyo, Japan to take on another fangirl adventure of the Rain kind. I have always been adventurous and have always loved to travel, but I thought Rain would have least let me recover from Seoul before embarking on a concert tour. No dice.

When I was in Seoul this past July to welcome Rain back to civilian life, I had the distinct honor and pleasure of befriending a group of lovely Japanese fans outside of the west gate of the ROK’s Defense Media Agency.  It was no surprise we all bonded under the stars (and a 2AM downpour of torrential rain) while we waited for that coveted hour of his release to arrive.

We talked a lot that evening about how we all came to be a fan, and a definite topic of conversation was Rain going on tour following his military service. We were all pretty much of the same opinion that he would probably record a new album and then put together a world tour. A world tour that would include the US, of course! However, my new friends said that if Rain decided to come to Japan, I should come and see him there. And so I made my promise right then and there, in the shadow of the MPs, on sacred Seoul soil, I said I would come.

I should have known he wasn’t going to wait. The moment he was out of the military he hit the ground running. With appearances in Thailand, Singapore and China, I knew he was up to something but I still thought a tour was a ways away.


Wrong. In a million years I never thought it would be 4 short months later!!!  RAAAAIIIIIN! The second (and I mean literally THE second) his Japan Zepp Tour was announced, I was contacted by one of my new J-Cloud friends asking me if I wanted tickets and would I come to Japan to see Rain. How could I say no?? I did announce in front of them all back in July that if Rain toured Japan, I would come. I couldn’t go back on my word! Operation Rain Zepp Tokyo was born.


Somehow all of the planets aligned and the Zepp gods were smiling upon me. I am going to Tokyo. I am going to see Rain in not one, not two…not even three, BUT four shows – the last four of the tour.


I think my first trip to Japan is going to be quite memorable. In fact, I think it is safe to say it will be downright epic.

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  1. kfangurl says:

    OMGGG. FOUR shows?!??? 0.o You ARE the dedicated fangirl, Michele!! XD You’re like a SUPERfangirl!! Head and shoulders above the rest of us mere fangirls! XD

    I am SO sure you’re gonna have an epic time.. Enjoy Tokyo!! Wish our trips could’ve overlapped some, but I know I leave the city of Tokyo in good hands 😉 Can’t wait to read ALL about your fangirl adventures in the land of the rising sun!! ^^

    • Michele says:

      Oh how I wish you were still going to be there – of course you would probably being going to see Rain as well per my wrist-grabbing and pulling you along!!! And I am still a fangirl in training to be sure! There are fans that are attending all 10 shows!! Trust me, however, if I could have finagled all the necessary time off from work and had the money to spare, I would already be in Japan about ready to see show #3!!

      Inasmuch as I would like for him to come here, I am totally fine traveling to parts unknown to see him. Makes that adventure all that more thrilling, imo. And you know how I feel about Rain, so he’s worth it!! Yes, Seoul was AH-mazing in every way imaginable when it comes to Rain. Tokyo, however, will be off of the chain epic!

      And…I had to try for all 4 final shows as I could not see myself traveling THAT far for only one show. On second thought, I probably would!!!

      Thank you for warming up Tokyo for my visit. I am sure you and Gong Yoo prepped it well for me! I will be secretly hoping your sister calls you back for re-enfocement!! ^.^

      • kfangurl says:

        I have no doubt that if time and money were no object, that you’d already be in Japan, dancing the nights away & screaming the house down, like any Rain fangirl worth her salt! ;D

        It makes sense, actually, that you get in as many shows as you can, after flying all that way to see him.. I am so sure you’ll have a super-adventure of fangirl epic-ness!! Take lots of pix! And! I hope you get to meet Rain in person! & take a picture with him! & shake his hand! & get a hug! & a kiss! …are you still there? Or has your inner fangirl imploded from the thought? ;D

      • Michele says:

        Heeeheheheehe!! Seriously, I hope I survive the concerts! He is one potent mix of hot and sweet that can melt all of the arctic ice in one full swoop!!! I will do my best to get any pictures at all as the word on the street is that security is tight as in confiscate your camera and kick you out tight!! I can only hope that by Tokyo, there will be more leniency. I would like to come home with at least ONE picture of him on that stage. I am planning to go to the airport to see him off as he leaves the day before I do. So, I am determined. One way or another!! ^.^

      • kfangurl says:

        Wow.. Ok. I imagine that with concerts, security will be way tighter than at a fanmeet. Just don’t get yourself arrested over there, y’hear? O.o

    • Michele says:

      We shall reunite in one way or another and hopefully when Mr. Hot makes his way to the US for a full blown US tour!!! ^.^

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