The Liebster – #2


It is with much gratitude I thank fellow blogger and fellow Rain/Lee Jun Ki admirer, Belinda (It’s MyWorld – NewKDramaAddicts Drama Sandbox) for nominating my blog for a Liebster Award.  I am touched she included me in her list and humbly accept this nomination even if my little infant of a blog is just that…an infant!

Rules of the Liebster dictate that I share 11 things about myself.  Here are my 11:

Number 1


I only started watching K-drama in late 2012.  I am the true definition of newcomer.  My intro was Coffee Prince and I ‘d say that was a pretty good way to get the K-ball rolling!

Number 2


I am learning Korean and am getting ready to work with a teacher who was sitting behind me at the Arirang World Peace Fest in Washington, DC this past May 8th where we got to feast our eyes on Sgt. Rain!   She teaches Korean to grad students at Johns Hopkins University.  She told me that she felt that just by looking at Rain’s face, he was shy. Awwwwww…..! I feel the ‘how’ and ‘where’ I met her to be wonderfully serendipitous!  I call it the Rain effect.  My goal is to speak, read and write Korean fluently, but ultimately, I want to watch drama sub-less!!  Oh and to be able to converse with Rain when I meet him. 🙂

Number 3


I love yoga.  I practice yoga daily.  I find it relaxing on the spiritual plane and invigorating on the physical plane.    I enjoy its benefits as it seems to calm the alpha in me!  I have a room in my home dedicated as my yoga/meditation room and it is my favorite room in the house – my little sanctuary!  As an aside, in my dreamscape and ultimate fantasy world, I am Rain’s personal yoga instructor.  Hey, it could happen!!

Number 4

Cancerian K Men

K-illuminati?  I have an endless capacity for useless information.  Useless in a way that it serves no real purpose other than perhaps some entertainment value!  Case in point:  When I began my journey into K-dramaland, it seemed I gravitated to those actors who were born under the same astrological sign.  Rain, my most beloved K-love, is born on June 25, 1982, makes him a full on Cancerian.  Hyun Bin, my underlying and always present K-crush, is also born on June 25, 1982.  Lee Min Ho, who I severely crushed on during Faith and City Hunter, respectively, is born on June 22nd.  See my pattern?  I even found a way to tie in Gong Yoo, another crush and a member of the K-Cancerian club.  Gong Yoo was born on July 10.  July 10 of this year, if you are currently in Rainland like I am, is the day Rain will be discharged from his MS.  Personally, I think I happened upon a very exclusive K-club.  Or, it is just my ever present ability to notice odd and generally useless information!

Number 5


I have been to India 6 times, in a 5 year span (2005-2010).  Yes, if you are doing your math, that means I did manage to eke out two visits in one year, I think it was in either 2006 or 2007 – I’ve lost track at this point!  I love India (obviously) and every visit was unique and adventurous.  When people ask me, “why India,” my response to them is that there is no way to explain it or describe it, you just have to see it for yourself.  It is a fascinating and special place.

Number 6

The Godfather movie image Al Pacino

I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois and no, I am not related to any mobsters (at least to my knowledge).  I am, however, part Sicilian so I may be mafia by default.

Number 7


I am a vegan and have been so for the past 14 years.  I started as a vegetarian and then gradually crossed over into veganism.  I am not an in-your-face militant vegan, however, so I won’t tell you to stop eating meat!!!  I did it for health and ethical reasons.  And in case you are wondering, I actually get my protein from green leafy vegetables, you know… like kale!

Number 8


 Rain Nan

I regularly play Just Dance on my Wii console.  That is the extent of my “gaming”.  Often times I have imaginary dance-offs with Rain.  He is a formidable opponent.  I let him win most of the time. ♥‿♥

Number 9

LJK Arang

Sageuks seem to rank among my fave dramas.  Maybe it is because I am a history buff or maybe it is the sweeping panoramic scenery; or perhaps it’s the elaborate and colorful costumery.  Who am I kidding, most likely it is due to Lee Jun Ki in Arang and Jang Hyuk in Chuno.  I even appreciated Lee Min Ho in Faith although I have to wonder how that drama would have turned out had LJK been able to play Choi Young.  You can better believe I am beside myself knowing that Hyun Bin’s first post-MS project is going to be a sageuk!!!

Number 10


I love to write hand-written letters and create my own stationary.  I love the personal touch a hand-written note or letter gives.  When I was in high school I had pen pals from all over the world.  I loved that every day there was a letter from a faraway friend.  I feel my life has been incredibly enriched by this simple love of writing, sending and receiving letters the old fashioned way – snail mail! It has fueled my love of travel and of exploring different cultures.  So if ever you want to feel the personal touch of a hand-written note, I will be more than happy to oblige.  Doesn’t make me sound too creepy, right?

Number 11


This one will probably make a few of you squirm a bit.  I have a genuine reverence for life.  As such, it was no wonder that I spent a good hour one evening coaxing a spider out from behind my bookcase so I could capture it, bring it outside and set it on its merry way.  Yes, that is a true story and yes, it has a happy ending –  neither the spider nor myself were harmed!

To answer Belinda’s question:  Why do you blog? And how often?

I am actually brand new to blogging and I decided to give it a go because it seemed like good fun!  The type of blog I decided to have was going to afford me the opportunity to meet K-actors and K-pop stars by featuring them in their own little spotlight as a K-Shot of Hot.  I was encouraged to give it a try after happening upon Kfangirl’s blog The Fangirl Verdict.  And Rain.  I am convinced since they are born a day apart they are in some weird conspiracy together!!  I love them both for each being a unique inspiration.  I love what KFG is doing over there on her blog and am thrilled to have befriended her.  I just plain love Rain. ♥

My very young blog (not yet a month old) has also intro-ed me to other bloggers who share the same passion and love for all things K!  This definitely is a blessing given that I am the only one in my own personal world who seems to get the K-thing!!  So I embrace all of you, look forward to following you, and above all look forward to continuing to share and spread K-love with each of you.

As for how often do I blog –  it is hard to determine just yet as I have only begun.  I would like to do a K-Shot a month and that is the plan.  A plan I am hoping to adhere to!  I hope to be blogging regularly between July 1 – July 19 as I will be Seoul, South Korea then and it would be wonderful to share my first trip as it is happening.  And, Belinda, it would be so incredibly awesome if LJK was wrapping up filming on Two Weeks because if there is a way I can find the set, I will be there with camera ready!!!  Oh…and of course, I plan to be at Rain’s MS discharge….THAT obviously is a no brainer!

My nominations:

Belinda: I am returning the nod! Rain and LJK??  You have exquisite taste if I do say so myself!

Nelly:  I have to go with you as well since we just met and I happen to think you are pretty cool.   You are also a very prolific blogger with something new coming at us at all times.  I love it!

KFG:  Sorry, is this #4? (✿◠‿◠)

My questions to you:

1.  If a K-star (drama or pop) were to climb through your window to spend the evening with you, who would it be and why?

2.  If you could switch places with any female lead character, who would it be and in which drama?

Thank you again, Belinda, for thinking of me!♥♥♥

The Liebster – #2

Well hey now….a number 2?  I love it and I sincerely thank the very sweet and adorable Nelly over at My Myooz for sending the nom my way!  If there is one thing I am learning about joining the blogopshere is that there are so many wonderful, welcoming and inspiring people who live there!  I am thrilled to be dipping my little blogger toes into this sea of creativity!  So, without further ado….

Nelly’s Questions

1.  What is your favorite sageuk drama and why?

Since I am so new to K-drama in general, I don’t have many sagueks under my drama belt, yet.  I have seen only two and am currently watching two. So the ones that I have completed really stand only a 50/50 chance against each other!!  Those two are Faith and Arang & The Magistrate.  I loved both.  But, if I had to choose a fave of the two, it would be Arang.

Sinopsis Arang and the Magistrate Episode 1

I loved this drama for a thousand different reasons but the top two were Lee Jun Ki and Shin Min Ah.  For me, they made this drama extra special good.  Their chemistry, their combined commitment to their roles, and their evident gorgeousness only added to the the story.  And even though all of the characters in this drama were fleshed out nicely, Arang and her Magistrate were the top billers for me.  I did, however, have a special place in my heart for Jadey and Hadey as I thought that Yoo Seung Ho and Park Joon Gyu had a delightful chemistry of their very own!

This drama took me through a range of emotions and I could not wait to go from episode to episode to see what would unfold.  It captivated me from start to finish.  It never felt rushed and it never dragged.   Ultimately, it left me with a HUGE crush on Lee Jun Ki.  I had not seen him in anything previous and he simply blew me away here in Arang with his combined intensity and vulnerability.  I LOVED him in this!  And, he sure can rock that sageuk look, can’t he??


2.  Did anyone complain that you’re watching too much drama?  Who did and how did you justify it to them?

The only one who ever voiced an issue with my drama watching ways was my mother.  Yep, good ole mom.  I think it is because it detracted my attention from her.  Meaning, I rather stay at home and watch a couple episodes of drama instead of say, go shopping with her.  This is HUGE actually because I was a notoriously hardcore shopper and my mom always knew that if I was heading out somewhere, I’d invariably ask her to come along.  Now, I am saving a ton of money by not shopping incessantly but, alas, she is bored.  I tried to coax her into checking an Ep or two out of a drama, but she’s kind of xenophobic!!  Ultimately, my drama watching was justified in her eyes because she is quite frugal.   She agreed that curtailing the shopping wasn’t such a bad thing after all, and if drama keeps my finances in check, she’s down with that!! 🙂

Thank you again, Nelly for the nom!! ♡


  1. kfangurl says:

    Congrats on the Liebster, Michele!! <3 And what a great response post! Loved reading it! Also, you definitely managed to surprise me with the nomination! My Liebster post has been dutifully updated, yes ma'am 😉

    • Michele says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was such a surprise because I am such a newcomer! But I am happy Belinda gave me the nod! Thank YOU for being such a wonderful inspiration!

  2. newkdramaaddict says:

    Thanks, Michelle! For reciprocating back. I will also update my post! It’s funny, I’ve been planning a trip to India for 5 years and have not made it yet. A good friend I work with, I’m going with her to visit her family in Bangalore and then by some fancy train, we were going to travel (and stop) to Kolkata to visit my adopted family there. Alas, money is the issue and we have yet to make the trip. But one day! Loved your responses! Funny how we are alike in a lot of things. Very happy to have met you! The other great thing about dramas, the people that you meet!

  3. Michele says:

    Thank you, Belinda, for the nod, sincerely! I have just made my way into this world and have lots to learn and need lots of practice!

    Do try to make it to India – such a fascinating place! My first ever visit was to Bangalore and that city has since held a special place in my heart! It will be a nice long train ride to Kolkata from B’lore! But the experience will be like no other! I did a 14 hour train ride from B’lore to a city in Andra Pradesh…second class sleeper! Talk about an experience! At times I woke up and thought we were going to derail! Then we were hit with a thunderstorm like at 3am and everyone so matter-of-factly just got up to shut the windows. It was wild! So truly pleased to have met you!!! Entering the K-world and now the blogosphere has expanded my horizons even more and is dropping some amazing people into my universe! If there is a NA2, I will personally come to VA to go see it with you so we can squee, swoon and drool in unison over Ji Hoon-ssi!!! ❤

  4. missienelly says:

    Michelle! If not for kfangurl, I wouldn’t know you nominated me for this award. I thank you for thinking of me. I’m updating my post now and working my hardest to pick which K-star will be sitting next to me in bed and feed me strawberries with whipped cream… hehehe

    • Michele says:

      Nelly!!! I thought I tweeted you the news, but I may have failed!! Yes, I did nominate you!!! And I thank you for giving me a nod as well! I will update soon!!♡

  5. kfangurl says:

    Tee hee! We both picked Arang in response to Nelly’s question! Great minds? ;D Also, LOVE that pic of LJK.. he looks so very fine! <3

    • Michele says:

      Great mindds, yes! I saw you chose Arang but I did not read because I knew I was going to choose that one too!! Woooooooo, LJK!!! So handsome in this one!! I really, truly loved Arang. I still go back and watch key scenes. It is no wonder I cannot get through my current watch list! 🙂

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