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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 430

It was exactly four months ago today that I had an In The Practice Room With Tykeys moment here on the Countdown and I recall at that time that I wanted to save Tykeys’ rehearsal of 연상연하 [Old & Young] for as long as I could hold off on sharing it because it is one of my favorites and I just wanted to delay the pleasure just a little. Thankfully, I plan some posts well in advance so when I saw this on my countdown log journal for today, I was so excited. I cannot believe I refrained from moving it up sooner, but having waited is making it that much sweeter. For this 430th day of G.O’s service, we travel back to 2007 to sit in on Tykeys’ energetic rehearsal of 연상연하 [Old & Young].

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