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[Musings] CIX Is Coming!

I think it is safe to say that when A.C.E’s leader Junhee went into the Army back on February 7th, I fell into a bit of a K-pop malaise. With three members off to serve their country and a fourth (Byeongkwan) scheduled to go this month, I was really feeling the sting of this hiatus. Perhaps it is because individually as well as collectively, A.C.E has always been a strong presence in my K-pop realm. From a purely fan service perspective, they were there, every day – and, especially Jun. A day did not go by without him updating. I am honestly missing him more than I am missing Donghun..but, shhhhh, don’t tell DH!! I started to wonder if maybe I was hitting my K-pop fangirl expiration date. And then news of CIX having their first US tour, AND coming to my city, was announced. I have to say, I felt the shift, the squee as it were, and realized that I still have a whole lot of fangirl left in me! If you are not familiar with CIX, I hope I can persuade you to have a look and listen . . . and perhaps if they are coming to a city near you, coax you to go out and support this incredibly talented quintet.

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