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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 517

He probably would disagree, but I think G.O singing a song entitled ‘Superstar’ was telling of his own artistic trajectory in Korean popular music. It had to have been an amazing moment back in October 2009 for the young vocalist to be singing the Luther Vandross version of The Carpenters’ hit at Rain’s Legend of Rainism show. This was basically a debut solo stage for G.O as MBLAQ’s main vocal. A solo stage in front of Rain’s fans singing a Western song in English no less. Mind-blowing! G.O singing Superstar has Vocal Virtuosity written all over it; but instead of sharing the cam from the actual stage performance, I am opting for the rehearsal clip because it is 1:12 minutes of sweet vocal magic.

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New Orleans or Burst….Cloud Burst, That Is

Bi NOLA Burst2

When Cloud USA announced that it was going to have its next meeting/fan gathering (aptly called a Cloud Burst) in New Orleans I thought to myself, hmmmmm, a group of Rain fans gathered together to celebrate Rain in a city known for its festive atmosphere pretty much every day of the year? That sounded like a complete win-win situation to me.  And, it was.

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