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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 507

There are a million ways in which I could show you how humble G.O is. But you really only need to meet him to experience it. In my opinion, humbleness is something that cannot be faked. It is either a part of who you are, or it is not. Some may mistake humbleness as self-doubt or low self-worth. But being humble is different. Markers of self-doubt or self-worth might include phrases like, I can’t or I am not good enough. Whereas I believe humbleness may be marked by phrases such asI will work harder or I will learn and improve, even in the wake of accolades. G.O has been told countless times from fans, contemporaries, producers, directors, and the like that he possesses a unique and special talent; yet he always reminds us that he will try harder or do better. This could not have been better demonstrated than when he received the 8th Korean Musical Awards award for best newcomer actor for his portrayal of the tragic young pansori artist Dong Ho in Seopyeonje.

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