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[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Kyochon Fried Charm – Kyochon Chicken

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Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 11.19.20 PM

It is an undisputed fact that Rain loves food. If we weren’t sure, we certainly got confirmation during the first episode of his reality show, The Rain Effect where food was basically a part of the supporting cast! I LOVE that he loves food, seems to think about it often, and goes to great lengths to find something delicious to satisfy his palate.

This love of cuisine translates perfectly to the various commercial films he has made throughout the early part of his career that endorsed some kind of food or beverage product. He always seems so delighted to promote food!

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 11.18.48 PM

Kyochon Chicken is one of the largest Korean fried chicken chain restaurants in South Korea and even has locations in the US. This must be some serious chicken. ^.^

And for Rain’s part in the endorsement, I am truly amused by the dichotomy…

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[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Body Built By Bibimbap – GrEAT Korea

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Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 8.47.29 PM

I think it is safe to say that of the many characteristics we all find so endearing about Rain, his genuine love of food is perhaps one of the favorites.

It no surprise then when we catch him in food-oriented commercial films. As I progress with this series, I am finding that the food CFs top my list as most enjoyable (and definitely where he rocks the cuteness to the nth degree). Rain does not need to act or feign enjoyment of eating. This is a true pleasure for him.

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 8.47.19 PM

The Korea Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries let the splendor of Korea’s landscape collide with tasty Korean cuisine then added that special ingredient: Rain, for their GrEAT Korea campaign. The level of delicious is probably beyond that which any taste bud could reasonably tolerate!

Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 9.27.03 PM

Surely the delectable shots of the those fabulous…

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[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: The Magic of Rain – Korea Sparkling

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Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 3.49.21 PM

When the writers of this CF were told to come up with five adjectives that would justly describe Korea, they must have had Rain on the brain because the five chosen could easily describe him.


Check. From his humble beginnings to his incredible work ethic and unwavering belief in himself, Rain is the personification of inspiration. He leads by example, he mentors, and continues to out-achieve himself.


Sparkling 1


Check. Rain is spicier than the spiciest kimchi.

Sparkling Sexy2

Sparkling sexy


Check. From his first album to Back To The Basic, his music is the epitome of pulsating. Every note, every lyric throbs with life, emotion, longing, and sensuality. When Rain sings, you feel the pulsating vibration from the core of his being. His art is his lifeline.


Sparkling performing2


Check. Rain has his own special magic and essence that is indescribable and impossible to duplicate. If…

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[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Ji Hoon’s Too Sexy For His Phone – SK Telesys W Phone

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Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

SK Telesys 5

By the end of this series of posts someone is either going to have to lock me up or lock him up!

When I began this Rain CF revival, I did so with no real plan or method to my madness.  Meaning, I did not start with the first and chronologically deliver them in the order in which they were made, presented and/or aired.  In reviewing what I have posted so far, I can say that the latter offerings are proving to be far more provocative.  These two commercial films for SK Telesys W Phone back me up completely and also back me into a corner of incoherent thought function. In fact, I am surprised I am able to write anything at all after viewing them.

Sk Telesys W Phone Khaki

SK Telesys W 7

In the first of the two, I was trying to decipher the concept.  Everyone is dressed in muted…

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[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Harmony Meets Handsome in Ho Chi Minh–Cantavil Premier Apartments

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Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer


When Korean corporation Daewon Company partnered with Vietnam’s Thu Duc Housing Development Corporation, the Cantavil Premier Apartments were born in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  New, modern, and high-tech, this new development offered a plethora of amenities if you chose to live in one of its exquisitely designed and architecturally harmonious apartments.  Complete with a Lotte Modern Cineplex, the Cantavil Premier had it all.  And they had one very famous world star to tell you all about it.

Rain just oozes style and class.  So he was the perfect spokesperson for a new and classy housing development.  He happens to be one architecturally harmonious human who wears a suit like it was born into creation and designed solely for him.  See if you can catch that Yves Saint Laurent belt buckle. Hot.


Even as he languidly awakens in his loose-fitting loungewear, he makes it…

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[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Refreshing Sereni-TEA – Today’s Tea

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Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer


Tea is definitely a wildly popular beverage in Asia.  Likewise, Rain is a wildly popular entertainer in Asia (and around the world).  Ok, that sounds like another winning collaboration for an endorsement!  And, what a delight to see a fit and serene Rain, dressed in white, going through his morning workout.  Is it me or does he look absolutely sensational in white?

We see him stretching and bending and curling those weights – and then the pièce de résistance: he levitates in a very yogic-inspired pose.  Well, that just had me squeeing with fangirl joy.  I am a huge fan of yoga so when you throw Rain into that mix, it would pretty much be the equivalent of a narcotic!!  Hey, don’t judge.  We all have that point where we just go over the edge when it comes to Rain. He caps off the…

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[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Raising the Bar, The Chocolate Bar – Scalar Chocolate

Cloud USA

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.15.06 PM

I absolutely adore young, baby Bi!!

His very early endorsements just make me feel all warm and fuzzy probably because he exudes such pure energetic innocence.  There is something so endearing and honest about him and that is something that is consistently present in all he does.  There is no pretense with Rain.  What you see is what you get.  I admire that about him.  That honesty is always present be it in his live stage performances or on the screen, CFs included. I refuse to believe he has it in him to fake the kind of fun he seems to have in these early commercial films!

Screen Shot 2013-10-29 at 8.30.46 PM

In this early CF, however, that innocence I was talking about went right out the window.  This here is kind of pushing the provocative envelope, if you ask me!!  The only thing remotely innocent in this one…

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