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‘Tis the Season To Be Liebstered


I am touched, honored and pleased to have been bestowed with two Liebster Award nods from two delightful fellow bloggers (and Jang Hyuk-loving fangirls), Stuck On Hyuk and Ahjussi Fan. Thank you my dears for this lovely honor.

The blogosphere is an amazing place filled with many amazing people writing about all kinds of amazing things. I am happy to be a resident here along with Stuck on Hyuk and Ahjussi Fan whose blogs are solid places to find a whole lot of Jang Hyuk love and other K and J-loving goodies! On to the Liebster…..

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[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Refreshing Sereni-TEA – Today’s Tea

Cloud USA

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer


Tea is definitely a wildly popular beverage in Asia.  Likewise, Rain is a wildly popular entertainer in Asia (and around the world).  Ok, that sounds like another winning collaboration for an endorsement!  And, what a delight to see a fit and serene Rain, dressed in white, going through his morning workout.  Is it me or does he look absolutely sensational in white?

We see him stretching and bending and curling those weights – and then the pièce de résistance: he levitates in a very yogic-inspired pose.  Well, that just had me squeeing with fangirl joy.  I am a huge fan of yoga so when you throw Rain into that mix, it would pretty much be the equivalent of a narcotic!!  Hey, don’t judge.  We all have that point where we just go over the edge when it comes to Rain. He caps off the…

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[series] Rain’s World of Endorsements: Easy, Breezy, Steamy Goodness – KB Star Card (Part 2)

Cloud USA

Cloud cover by: Michele, Staff Writer

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 6.00.49 AM

Bless KB Financial for having the vision of letting Rain endorse their KB Star Card – sincerely and truly, bless you, KB Financial!  In this second installment, I’d like to visit 2 more CFs Rain gave us for KB Star Card.  As in the previous two, I guarantee you will see why Rain’s vast appeal truly does set him apart from other performers, Asian or otherwise – and why I continue to believe that no matter what the project, he approaches each with commitment, dedication, focus and fun!

In this fresh California skater-inspired spot, Rain throws on his magic t-shirt and bounces through the byways of Pomona, California.  Pomona, California?  Huh?  I first thought it could be Hermosa Beach because it looked familiar to me, as I lived in that area at one time.  But, the street signs visible during a portion of this…

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Yoo Seung Ho


The smoldering gaze of Yoo Seung Ho can most definitely render a fangirl of any age weak in the knees.  Partner that with maturity, poise, intelligence, and affable charm and he becomes downright lethal!  In fact, he becomes a fangirl dream.  When I watch Yoo Seung Ho, I always have to pause a moment to remind myself that he is all of twenty years old!  Building his acting resume since the age of 7 and settling into that wickedly intense smolder by age 16, I could no longer deny his rightful place here as a worthy K-Shot of Hot.

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K-Shot Postscript: Rain 비 – Speed Racer


Ok, I really liked Speed Racer.  And, no not just because Rain was in it although it was really cool that he was.  But even more importantly, he landed on the Wachowski’s radar and THAT resulted in Ninja Assassin.  I concur that Rain would make an incredibly good action film star with a healthy side of brood and insolence mixed in.  I rather enjoy him in broody, insolent roles where you ultimately end up liking him because somewhere buried beneath those layers of insolence is a decent guy who upon discovering his own decency, lets us in on it.  Rain’s Taejo Togokahn is one of those guys.

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K-Shot Postscript: Rain 비 – Ninja Assassin

When I posted my first K-Shot of Hot entry of Rain, I did so knowing that I did not watch all of his offerings as an actor.  I knew I would get around to seeing everything eventually and I don’t want to pass up an opportunity to comment on his work.  So instead of going back to the original post and reworking it to add my comments, I decided to create a K-Shot Postscript section where I can come back and spazz about a previously featured K-Shot.  Onward with my thoughts on Rain in Ninja Assassin.  Continue reading


RAIN 비 (Jung Ji-Hoon)


Yes, Rain just happens to be my own personal #1 favorite K-Shot of Hot! So, it is apropos I begin this journey with him leading the way! As new as I am to K-drama and K-pop, that is how new I am to Rain.  I discovered Rain through the K-drama, A Love To Kill.  It was a heavy, emotional and sad drama.  But Rain blew me away with his honest and very raw performance.  At that point, I had yet to embark upon really getting to know ALL of Rain. The music side, the dancer side, the performer side and the actor side.  I have a long way to go and a lot yet to learn and discover about Rain, but I am on my way.

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