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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 296

I hope I survive this post. It is evident that G.O effortlessly pulls the proverbial emotional rug out from under me with the utterance of a single note, every time. Without fail. I think I have established that fact well before I began this countdown series. But when you factor in his smooth and quietly sensual style of any era, and particularly during the Sexy Beat era, he becomes more disarming. Lethal. It is Fan-Camming day – omg, I have a great idea. I will make every Friday a Fan-Camming day. Fan-Camming Friday. It has a nice ring to it. Ok, where was I? For Day 296, I noticed I had one notation in my countdown log and that was “find a G.O-focused cam performance of Cry.” I found one and it is from the 4 June 2013 Sexy Beat showcase. Please, proceed with caution.^^

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When Your Bias Stakes His Claim


I have to be honest. At this time last year, I thought there was no way anyone in Korean entertainment (music, movies, drama or otherwise) was going to topple Rain from the throne in my fangirl kingdom. If you would have asked me if it this could ever happen, I would have unequivocally answered ‘No’! So please imagine my own shock when it actually did happen. And, it happened with a force and fury I was not even prepared for. I have been asked by a sweet follower of the blog who has now become a treasured friend, to expound on the how, the why and the when MBLAQ’s G.O swooped in, staked his claim as my one true bias, and yes, promptly stole me away from his former mentor, Rain. So Endang, dear…I write this post for you.♥

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