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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 313

사랑은 차가운 유혹
그래도 피할 순 없어
Love is a cold temptation, still I cannot avoid it.

Most of the time when I listen to G.O sing, I honestly do not feel the need to fully understand the lyrics and the reason being is that his interpretations, his feelings, emotions, passion, heart and soul generally tell the story without a need for translation. However, I admit that understanding what he is singing about adds a greater and more powerful dimension to the song. One of the songs G.O chose to sing for his last stage before departing for military camp was 사랑은 차가운 유혹 [Love Is A Cold Temptation]. It was the fourth song of his five song set last February at the I.Callist Idol Vocal Concert. It was tender. It was passionate. It was beautiful.

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