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The Soulful Countdown to G.O’s Discharge ~ Day 177

Do you feel like escaping with me today to a sweet spot in a song? Yes sometimes a few short lines in one song have the power to transport and soothe. Of course, the relaxant effect of a song is compounded when the lyrics are being masterfully delivered in a mellifluous melody by a vocalist who understands that of the many elements that comprise a song, it is a vocalist’s honest connect with the thought, meaning and emotion of that song that will indeed capture and move an audience. I believe G.O understands this concept to his core, and why his short interlude between the sharp rap attack in Taw and HaHa’s 내 품이 좋다던사람 [The Person By My Side] reminds us that underneath the hurt and pain of a break up, the heart has a resilience that always seems to be able to weather the storms of love.

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