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On My Playlist ~ 2 Kids [Taemin]

So I took a quick look at the fangirl rule book and it seems there are no penalties issued for being a first generation fan of a second generation idol. Lucky for me as I seem to be turning into a repeat offender. Not too long ago I was discovered by Nu’est. Now it seems SHINee’s maknae Lee Taemin has located me. I am next to 100% positive that Taemin’s stalwart fans would stand proud, but not surprised, in knowing that 12 years post-debut, he still attracts new fans. With K-pop, I have been slow to win over in general, and while Taemin has a very robust discography both with SHINee and as a solo artist, his latest release 2 Kids sounded an alarm I was not able to avoid. I’m talking about the kind of alarm that wakes up the senses and triggers emotion kind of alarm.

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