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Playlist Roulette ~ Crush On You [IZ]

It’s been a minute, right? The Playlist Roulette series went on a little bit of a hiatus (well, more like I went on a little bit of a hiatus) and that hiatus included a break from listening to my Strictly Korean playlist. But I opened it up today, dusted off the shuffle button, and am pleasantly surprised by the track it welcomed me back with: Crush On You by K-rock, pop and decidedly flower boy band, IZ. When I would go on my Korean music deep dives I rarely did any research on a group if I came across a song I liked. I would put the song on the playlist and carry on with the dive. That is why this series has been both interesting and informative for me personally. It has introduced me to music and groups I would have otherwise never been introduced to. IZ and their B-side (yep, some things never change) from their 2018 Angel EP is a perfect example, and a great way to ease back into this series.

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