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On My Playlist ~ Bullet To The Heart [Jackson Wang]

Listening to Jackson Wang’s recently released single Bullet To The Heart solidifies the fact that GOT7 will not, nor probably ever will, let me settle on a bias in the group. And, I’m okay with that.

On 20 September, Jackson returned to social media after a short hiatus to begin promoting his upcoming solo album, Mirrors, with news of a single from that album being released in the coming days. On 24 September when Bullet To The Heart dropped, I was intrigued, ripe with anticipation, and looking forward to what Team Wang was going to bring. I have to say, the song successfully whet my appetite. I want more. Moreover, I feel the new song is just scratching the surface of something really big coming our way and I can only hope I will be prepared.

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On My Playlist ~ Fade Away [JJ Project JB]

I do not even know where to begin. Because, in all honesty, I am not sure I have been this wrecked by an artist. I don’t know when it happened or even how it happened because I was adamant after I slowed my pace with my all-encompassing support of MBLAQ’s G.O. I was staunch in my belief that I would not fall deep ever again for an artist. I wanted to keep my interest and involvement varied, light, mild and carefree.  But the more I watch, listen and experience GOT7’s enigmatic leader, Lim Jaebeom (JB), the more I descend into his artistic lair. I am trapped my friends. And, if he continues to write, produce and record songs like today’s offering, Fade Away, there will be no escape.

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