On My Playlist ~ 편지를 써 (Stand By You) [A.C.E]

Where do I begin? I am having a difficult time trying to pull it together long enough to talk about this lovely song, its thoughtful message, and the five talented and charming men behind it. I think if you give A.C.E a chance, you will agree that they bring something a little different to the K-pop table. Their latest, 편지를 써 (Stand By You), really feels like a love letter to their fans (Choice) who they clearly deem a sixth and integral member of the group.

Don’t rush, try and walk slowly
The end of this world surrounds me,
(Step forward as hard as you can)
As I imagined it and what I’ve dreamed of oh
You will find me standing there
* * *

The actual translation of the song title 편지를 써, is ‘write a letter’ and this is why I said it feels like a love letter from the group to their fans. None of us are immune from what has been happening in the world these past several months and so for A.C.E to release such a gentle and thoughtful song of love and encouragement shows their (in my opinion) cognizance of the need for hope and healing. The group is set to release their 4th mini album in late summer. Stand By You is a pre-release and is not even the title track, but with its calming, melodic and mellifluous vocals, it is perfect for right now.

The MV plays like a short film. It’s so lovely and I suppose can be interpreted in many different ways.

Video will be forthcoming.

The originally released MV has been taken down by the group’s agency, Beat Interactive. Please see the statement the agency issued addressing the situation:

Since I did watch the original MV prior to publishing this blog post, I will still leave my thoughts.

The message I get when I watch this MV is, if you are lucky enough to have had people come into your life that touch it in a way that leave memories and impressions that are seared into your heart and soul, and who bring a happiness that gives everything meaning, it is without question heartbreaking and sad when they are no longer there. But, that they were even there long enough to have left a powerful and lasting mark – that’s the important part. Maybe this is one possible message A.C.E wants to pass on to their fans. Maybe another one could be, even if we cannot be together, and we may not always be together, know that your love and support has changed me, you . . . us, in a way that will remain forever.

This song, the MV, these five souls . . . the feels.


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