On My Playlist ~ 또또또 (Call Anytime) [Kim Jinwoo]

I did not see it coming, but am pleasantly surprised and absolutely thrilled. Winner’s demure eldest brother who is nevertheless, and indeed, the thread that binds the group together, has released his first solo single, 또또또 [Call Anytime], and it is every bit as charming as the man himself.

I am not going to deny that I was shocked when I began seeing evidence of an upcoming Jinu solo debut. Up until that point, there were constant rumblings within the Inner Circle fandom of a much, much, MUCH anticipated Kang Seungyoon solo. In fact, Seungyoon himself even spoke of working diligently on his own solo project. And although it was perhaps not as explicit, I do seem to recall in passing conversation, perhaps in a radio program or variety show appearance, mention of Jinu wanting to do a solo. Yes, I was surprised Jinu was dropping solo music first, but at the same time I was pleased because I personally believe each member of a group should have an opportunity to explore solo projects. So like the rest of Winner’s fans, I waited in happy anticipation for Jinu’s release. And . . . it did not disappoint.

Jinu dropped his new single, 또또또 [Call Anytime] on August 14th along with a playful and visually lush MV. The lyrics, although not heavy nor deep, seem to suggest that the object of his affection is not responding to phone calls, texts and in his persistence, reminds her that she can call him anytime. He is waiting. It is not plaintive or weepy. Jinu’s steady and gentle-toned vocals make it light, breezy and fun. As an added bonus, Jinu gets some help on the track from fellow group member, Song Mino. Mino has the innate ability as a rapper to temper his delivery with thoughtful precision. The lyrics he adds to the song are so relatable. You know, when you like someone and you get the courage to send a message . . . trying to choose the right words, emojis, sending a message with mistakes because you respond too quickly, etc. Oh, we have ALL been there.

The MV is, for lack of a better term, precious. Jinu the specialist trying to help the exhausted love sick Jinu who has not slept in days waiting for a call; the timid Jinu who needs the “100% gorgeous and popular with girls consultant” Mino to help up his swag. By video’s end, all works out and Jinu emerges as the confident and ‘perfect guy’ Jinu.

The whole lot of it is indeed, absolutely charming.


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  1. missienelly says:

    Wow, I love his voice! And the song is cute and catchy. The vid is typical Kpop – vibrant, colorful and beautiful. This is my first time seeing him since I don’t really listen or know much about Winner. Thanks for sharing!

    • Michele says:

      Yay!!! Yes, I agree. This particular sound and vibe is perfect for him. His vocals are steady and consistent. I also think the choreo suits him and the song perfectly.
      He is the eldest member of the group and will be heading to the military soon so it is really wonderful that he is getting this opportunity to release a solo, promote it, etc. I think Winner overall produces really catchy and memorable music. I love a lot of their early stuff too. They are a blast live and I hope they make their way through the US again in the future. If they come to DC, I am coming and taking you. Deal?

  2. missienelly says:

    Deal although it’s unlikely. K-entertainment always skip DC. KARD just made announcement and DC is not in the list anymore. I hope Winner will come.

    I thought they are still new and he’s already heading to the military? Time flies.

    • Michele says:

      GOT7 skipped Chicago much to my disappointment so I know how it feels to be the bad stepchild city…hahaha!!
      Winner debuted in 2014 and just celebrated their 5th anniversary. Jinu debuted late as it were. Born in 1991. Time does fly indeed! Come October, it will be 10 years for MBLAQ. Didn’t Shinee hit 10 years already?Unbelievable!!!

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