TVXQ Tuesday: 믿어요 (Believe)


Tri-Angle was TVXQ’s first Korean studio album and Believe the first cut from that album. Believe is a gentle and tender love song. And…..Junsu opens it, and opens it so sweetly. The song was not released as a single, yet it still seems to be a fan fave when performed on various Korean music programs. It has, I dare say, the absolute perfect pauses to usher in those amazing fanchants. KIM JUN SU!!! ^^

Tri-Angle was released in October 2004. Seems so long ago now and they all look so young in the KBS Music Bank performance I am sharing in this post. Still, their voices are steady and rich. Junsu’s delicate opening following Yoochun’s deep spoken words is so soft and sweet. If G.O and Junsu could just come and sing me to sleep at night……sigh. They both have such lullaby-worthy voices.

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Where was I? Oh, yesBelieve. Junsu’s soulful voice is a perfect opener for this tender ballad. Equally tender is Changmin who follows. I have said it many times (I’m sure) but the tone and quality of Jun and Changmin’s voices are similar yet different. I really like when they either are paired together or follow each other in a song as they do here.

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Junsu seems so delighted hearing the fanchants, too. You can see that soft smile come to his lips as he sings. It is so endearing and sweet. Such a sweet boy!

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Changmin with those soulful eyes. He has a way of singing with his voice and his eyes.

When the beautiful harmonies kick in, it’s lovely. These five voices, right? The chorus joining the five together is sweeping and rich. The quiet ebb and flow continues when Yoochun comes in after the first chorus. Yes, yes, yes, his deep rich voice is a the perfect segue after the more urgent and crescendo-laced chorus.

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It’s like build, build, build and then, let’s take it down a notch and down an octave.  Yunho follows keeping that soft, quiet vibe rolling to the bridge and chorus again where it returns to that fullness and richness with all five voices.

Uncharacteristically, Jaejoong doesn’t have a featured vocal part but adds vocal accents throughout the song. I would have liked to have a little more Jae in this one.

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 9.24.43 PM

He does however lead the five of them from the stage as the song comes to a close and in a truly sweet gesture, they all simultaneously pull a single rose from their jackets.

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So classy and elegant.♥

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