TVXQ Tuesday – “O” 정반합


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Oops! I missed last Tuesday because I was in Rainland!! Yes, I went to Tokyo and had my first experience of seeing him perform live, uninhibited – so I was a little verclempt, so say the least. I completely forgot about my fave five here but am back to love on them once more!

“O” is an intense dance number and I love it! Yoochun in dreadlocks….OMO!! His voice is like a deep caress even in a number like this. I am feelin’ ya, Yoochun. I can’t help but notice how the dancing is so tight in this one. Not a step out-of-place, out of beat, or out of synchronicity. Obviously in the early days of TVXQ (as I am sure is still a mainstay in all Korean K-pop groups today) hours and hours were probably spent perfecting the dances that accompanied the vocal performances.

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I am still really new to the current K-pop scene but I know the dance is very much a part of performances for the groups. Even Rain still utilizes the dance in his live performance to the maximum effect. I love a man who can dance and Rain reigns supreme – but these five can bust a move proper – especially my beloved soul machine, Junsu. I would say that he and Yunho are probably the most fluid of the bunch here.

[Video credit: MBCkpop]

In watching the various performances of this song, I had a difficult time finding it performed live. These boys do not need to lip sync a thing so I was shocked that many of the videos of this song that I came across, they were actually lip synced. Perhaps the choreography was too intense and it was difficult to combine the two and get a solid performance. I still don’t buy that as this performance clearly shows. Yeah, they sing to a track that has a backing vocal but they are still able to sing this live with no problem AND keep in sync with the dance.

And doesn’t Junsu look absolutely delish? I could not hide my bias even if I tried! ^.~

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Oh…and TVXQ, JYJ and the boys individually were ALL over the place in Tokyo’s K-town. I saw Junsu EVERYWHERE (no, not him personally – heehehe)! It was pretty awesome.

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